Thuraya Press Booklet

Key facts about Thuraya

A global company, our robust satellites covers two-thirds of the world’s geographical area serving approximately 4 billion people.

We were established in 1997 and have a presence in Singapore, the UAE, and the United States with plans to further grow our markets globally, in addition to our current markets to concretize our worldwide footprint.

We own and operate two geostationary satellites at 44 degrees East and 98.5 degrees East providing comprehensive coverage of Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia.

We are the only MSS operator to offer GSM roaming capabilities from more than 380 worldwide GSM operators across 161 countries.

Thuraya’s unique high gain spot beams and Dynamic Resource Allocation (DRA) offer continuous, uninterrupted coverage and are designed to respond to surges in traffic demand, flexibly allocating resources to areas with heavy traffic as needed.

Pioneered and innovated some of the world’s most durable, smallest, smartest and most secure mobile satellite communications devices.

Developed the world’s first and only satellite adaptor for the iPhone and Android, called the Thuraya SatSleeve.

Our product innovations such as the maritime-specific Thuraya Orion IP and vehicular Thuraya IP Voyager mobile satellite broadband terminals are helping to connect even more customers at sea as well as in remote communities

Our passion for innovation drives us to continually develop market-specific products and solutions for our customers.

We work closely with global customers across the Energy, Enterprise, Government, Leisure, Media, Marine and Relief industries to develop innovative and customized solutions.

Over 30 government organizations rely on Thuraya for customized products and solutions.

We serve humanity by working with educational institutions, NGOs and relief organizations through our global network of Service Partners to support and sponsor a range of social responsibility projects and activities.

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