THURAYA AERO EnterpriseComms

Optimize your air travel time with Thuraya Aero which brings full IP satellite connectivity to your inflight experience. Aero’s airborne communication system is ideal for small- to medium aircrafts; it is easy to install and syncs with multiple peripheral devices, making office-in-the-sky a fully accessible reality. Additionally, the system is compact, works reliably in all kinds of weather and at any altitude, and offers customizations for low airtime costs.

Aero empowers business aviation with capabilities such as phone calls, text messaging, VOIP calls, video and audio conferencing, email and secure VPN web access. A VIP on board can be in constant control of business and personal dealings and can stay connected with anyone, anywhere, from the air. Simply use your smartphone and laptop to continue daily business activities with your team at home or close the deal with global partners via HD video conferencing, right from the comfort of your cabin. 

Benefits & Solutions

• Connect and use personal smart devices with ease
• HD face-to-face video communication capabilities
• Secure, steady access to anyone with an IP connection or Thuraya IP+ unit
• Package options for operational cost savings



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