THURAYA AERO MilitaryComms

Thuraya Aero brings a robust solution to military missions in surveillance, special ops, border protection and more by enabling distant aircraftsto stay in constant touch with headquarters via satellite communication. Pilots, crew, troops, commanders, generals and other military personnel can now send and receive real-time support, instructions and information through the same military IP network and secure VPN used at headquarters. The system is easy to use: it comprises a high gain satellite antenna installed atop the aircraft fuselage or tail and an aeronautical satellite modem that can be connected to various peripheral devices, such as a Wi-Fi transceiver and IP telephone.

Medevac helicopters and air ambulances installed with Aero have enhanced capabilities to meet the needs of soldiers, as the system transmits vital signs data directly to medical centers and hospitals.

Benefits & Solutions

• Airborne access to secure military IP and VPN
• Send and receive real-time instructions
• Transmit highly compressed HD video stream from cockpit to command center
• Transmit GPS data and receive new waypoints data
• Integrates with personal smart devices and medevac copters
• Connect with military operations on land, sea and air at once



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