Notes from Adrian Hayes’ Travel Diary: Recuperation at K2 Base Camp

Here’s more news from the British Explorer, Adrian Hayes…

Adrian is doing well. He is resting and recuperating at the base camp, after spending an accelerated five days climbing and acclimatizing at Camps 1 (6,100m) and 2 (6,700m) - conditions at the latter were particularly grueling. The team spent a longer time up the mountain than anticipated, and is ready for the big push to the summit this week. The climb may take approximately five days.

On the slopes of K2

The group will spend another four days at Base Camp but this could go onto ten days, depending on the weather.  Adrian is in good spirits though, he writes, “K2 continues to loom 3,600m above us here at Base Camp, unable to avoid hypnotically gazing at its foreboding sides.”

Undaunted by the steep ascent

Throughout the journey, Adrian is using the Thuraya IP broadband terminal and the Thuraya SatSleeve adaptor for the iPhone to record the adventures on his site, and social media. The equipment was provided to him by Thuraya’s UAE service partner, Xtra-Link.

The team at the mercy of an unexpected alpine storm

Adrian Hayes is part of a six-man British/Canadian/Nepali team brought together by Seven Summits Trekking of Nepal (K2 has no relation to the so-called ‘Seven summits’ of the World).

The team comprises Lakpa Sherpa (Nepal), Al Hancock (Canada), Adrian Hayes (UK), Chheji Nurbu Sherpa, Ngima Dorjee Sherpa and Pasang Sherpa (all Nepal). They are climbing the mountain from the Pakistan side, via the Abruzzi Spur, the ‘normal’ route up the mountain but which is anything but normal with vertical or near vertical climbing, rock fall and other hazards.

Thuraya wishes the group a safe and successful ascent, all the way to the top!

For more information, please visit You may also follow Adrian Hayes on Twitter and Facebook.

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