• Tracking health for medicine

    The WiCis I-STREME solution allows users to monitor their vital signs and share them in real time over the internet. It is a mobile app that connects to wearables and uses 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi or satellite to stream information about vital signs and tracking data to a web server. The data can then be viewed one second later on any internet-connected device. The solution is fully compatible with social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

    Key benefits:

    • - Connectivity to multiple wearables on a single app
    • - Displays wearable data on PC, MAC or a mobile screen in real time
    • - Live tracking allows to remove the ‘search’ out of search and rescue
    • - Real time posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
    • - Accurate weather forecasts
    • - SOS with a link to live data from the user
    • - Messaging service
    • - Information related to location including GPS, direction of movement and altitude

    Two key features set WiCis I-STREME apart from other satellite-enabled wearable health monitoring and personal tracking solutions. Firstly, doctors monitoring patients via Thuraya/WiCis can view hospital grade medical data – such as ECG, heart rate, temperature and blood oxygen levels, either as numerical data or live waveforms – and base clinical decisions on them with confidence. Secondly, this information is constantly updated and available in real time. When analyzed by a doctor, it can give early warning signs of life-threatening conditions such as oedema, hypothermia and cardiac arrest.

    How does WiCis I-STREME work over Thuraya network?

    Medical data from the user are analyzed and processed by the WiCis I-STREME smartphone app. They pass from sensors worn on the body to the app over a Bluetooth connection, and on to the Thuraya network and the internet via a Thuraya SatSleeve+ terminal connected to the user’s smartphone. The SatSleeve+ has an omni-directional antenna, so the person utilizing the app can leave the Thuraya device to stream data in real-time without supervision and without pointing it at the satellite.