Corporate Social Responsibility

Our shared commitment to our communities

At Thuraya we aim to inspire and encourage our people to contribute positively to the society and create a sustainable future for all communities. We work either directly with humanitarian agencies, NGOs and educational institutions or through our global network of Service Partners to support and sponsor a range of social responsibility projects and activities across our satellite footprint.

International Telecommunications Union

Thuraya has a longstanding relationship with the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) to provide free or subsidized communication services in countries affected by natural disasters. Thuraya has worked closely with a number of governments in afflicted countries, through our local Service Partners, to provide our services in aid of disaster recovery communications. Thuraya’s mobile satellite solutions help search and relief teams by utilizing GPS to pinpoint user locations and notify the nearest emergency outpost and pre-configured contacts. Our data services offer quick access to high-speed mobile satellite broadband to browse for weather and mapping services, and allow for communications devices that are based on different technologies to communicate with each other—elements that are very critical in rescue and relief efforts.       

Some examples of our work with the ITU include deploying our Thuraya XT handsets in support of emergency communications in Japan, immediately after the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011. Thuraya has also provided our services to support the setup of disaster surveillance centers in Uganda, Philippines and Turkey. In addition, we contributed in helping to save lives in Samoa, China, Malawi, Pakistan, and Indonesia when these countries were hit by terrible natural disasters.


Thuraya partnered with the international humanitarian agency NetHope to provide communication services in the Philippines, soon after Typhoon Bopha (locally known as Pablo) destroyed terrestrial communications networks in the country. Thuraya’s donation of satellite communications equipment helped more than a dozen NGOs and local agencies that were leading the disaster recovery efforts in the most adversely affected province of Davao Oriental. Immediate relief operations in the region were expected to last 3-6 months, and NetHope was gearing up for an 18-24 month period of rehabilitation projects in the area. Through Thuraya’s support, NetHope was able to provide assistance to affected families and communities.

NetHope, which was founded in 2001, is a unique collaboration of 37 of the world's leading international humanitarian organizations, serving the developing world through the smart use of information communication technology and practices.


Facilitating safe and secure communications for journalists and news gathering agencies at global hotspots has always been a top priority for Thuraya. Time and again, we have voiced our support for those men and women who routinely risk their lives to deliver breaking news into our living rooms. Thuraya recently donated an IP terminal and free airtime to the Rory Peck Trust, which is the only organization in the world providing direct, practical support to freelance newsgatherers and their families around the world. Thuraya takes very seriously the importance of protecting journalists. Our secure satellite solutions — combined with small terminals with walk-and-talk capability and a range of indoor antennas — allow journalists to report the facts from disaster-stricken or war zones, in a safe and secure manner.

Community Programs

Thuraya Heroes is a community-oriented program wherein we provide free airtime and state-of-the-art communications equipment to individuals engaged in community-building or philanthropic activities. Thuraya recently supported Wissam Al Jayyoussi, a Dubai-based entrepreneur in his mission to build the first cancer hospital for children in Palestine. Wissam went on a Goodwill Journey spanning 120 countries in Asia on his motorcycle to spread awareness about Palestinian children’s fight against cancer. Thuraya’s sophisticated mobile satellite solutions helped Wissam stay on course with its “Helper” function as well as to overcome a few precarious situations. Thuraya XT was often his only link to civilization which kept him in touch with his friends and family as well as to upload photos, videos and other materials throughout the difficult and dangerous journey. 

In late 2012, Thuraya joined hands with the Dubai-based charity organization, Gulf for Good, to build a school in Burma for more than 500 children. Operating under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Ahmad bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Gulf for Good organizes fund-raising activities for deprived communities across the world. Thuraya supported Gulf for Good by providing communications solutions to participants of The Road to Mandalay Challenge, an initiative by the group in Burma. 

Thuraya has signed an agreement with the University of Sharjah to provide training and to sponsor scientific projects. Thuraya is proud to regularly host student groups seeking new insights into satellite communications systems and technology.

Our staff also mentor students involved in research and youth development programs. In 2011, Thuraya sponsored the Istanbul University Solar Race Team in the World Solar Challenge across Australia. During the week-long international green technology initiative, the Turkish racers used Thuraya IP and Thuraya XT for their communication needs. Also in that year, we sponsored a three-week anthropological expedition to Mongolia by a group of horseback riders. The 18 member-team relied on Thuraya XT as their main communications solution throughout the trip.