Upgrading your Thuraya satellite phone or IP is easy. Use the links below to access the most recent firmware upgrade files, drivers, installation manuals and important technical bulletins.

Land Data

Thuraya IP+

Light, Speed. Everywhere.

Weight 1.4 kg (term & battery)
Size 216 mm x 216 mm x 45 mm
Streaming IP E384kbps
Standard IP 444kbps
Compliances & Certifications CE, EMC 301 444, 301 489, IEC 60950
Ingress Protection IP55 Standard
Battery Life Up to 36 hours' standby time

The latest Thuraya IP+ software version is Release

Release date: September 2020


The release of software version for the Thuraya IP+ terminal is to support new hardware for new terminals with PXA270 CPU processor and is a recommended upgrade for both legacy and new terminals.

Download Thuraya IP+ upgrader version

Download Thuraya IP+ User Guide

Important Note: To download previous versions of Thuraya IP+ upgrader, please contact Thuraya Customer Care at