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Thuraya MarineStar

Most affordable maritime satellite voice solution with tracking and monitoring capabilities

Service Circuit switched voice; SMS; GmPRS
IP rating ADU: IP56; BDU: IP32

Oct 2021  - The latest Firmware release is Version S1 1.2 and Version S2 1.2

Release Notes

Thuraya MarineStar [Group 1. Group 2, Group 3]


1. Access to the “Log list” menu is now available only in Admin mode.

2. New error codes are added for Alert messages to convey additional information that will be useful for the remote server platform.

3. Validation of config message syntax is included to respond only to the correct queries from server.

4. A new mechanism to save the SMS on the device is incorporated when it could not be sent to the server.

5.  Incorporated a new continuous retry mechanism for the SMS reporting and an auto recovery with rebooting.

6. Addressed an issue to normalize the entry of the coordinates in both manual and remote modes for an entry of the area polygon.

7. Addressed an observed condition of an empty crew calling number.

8. Improvements in handling the UI and the config message processing with respective priorities to individual tasks.

9. Addressed a previously reported time delay of the 3 seconds in tracking reporting

Thuraya MarineStar [Group 5]



Download Firmware  Version S2 1.2

Download Install Firmware Upgrader

Download Upgrade User Guide


Product type:

  1. Group 1: English, Chinese 
  2. Group 2: English, Vietnamese 
  3. Group 3: English, Bahasa & Tagalog
  4. Group 5: English, Arabic, French & Turkish

Feb 2021 -  Please click here  to view the Customer Advisory for Thuraya MarineStar SIM Adapter.