Upgrading your Thuraya satellite phone or IP is easy. Use the links below to access the most recent firmware upgrade files, drivers, installation manuals and important technical bulletins.


Thuraya Orion IP

The search for high quality, affordable broadband is over

Size (Above Deck Unit) 277 mm x 391 mm
Weight (Above Deck Unit) 3.2kg
Standard IP Up to 444kbps
Streaming IP 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 384kbps

Thuraya Orion IP Upgrader

The latest Thuraya Orion IP software version is Release

Release date: May 2018


New Features/Enhancements:

Satellite Selection at Start-up Improvement:

This release has an improved satellite selection algorithm that is used to improve the speed of the satellite selection when the units move between the two satellite coverage regions. The GPS position at the startup is used in the enhanced algorithm to speed up the selection of the correct satellite.

UT software

Modified to support antenna firmware update. Previously, the update operation was blocked unless then antenna type was a known good value, so this enhances the product experience for trouble shooting and restoration of the units on field.


Modules that are now used have been optimized so that a faster and transparent recovery will enhance user applications communicating over the spacelink. The software fix is backward compatible with older terminals which do not have the new hardware.

M2M Improvements:

During Remote Access this firmware allows a remote user to configure the UT, download the syslog file, etc. that would help in efficient troubleshooting of the remote devices.


When a Remote Access user successfully logs in and begins a session, existing Port Forwarding rules are suspended, so that the ZING and FTP ports can be opened. When the session ends (remote user logs out or times out) the configured Port Forwarding rules are restored. This applies to both TCP and UDP rules.