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  • 1.What is Thuraya WE?

    It is the first dual mode Satellite & LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot that allows customers to be connected everywhere, all the time and wherever they are by bridging the gap between Satellite and LTE coverage areas and offering the flexibility for the customer to switch between Satellite and LTE based on network availability.

  • 2.What type of network coverage will I get on Thuraya WE?

    Thuraya WE offers Satellite connectivity under Thuraya coverage footprint in more than two-thirds of the globe across 161 countries in Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and the Middle East. It extends Satellite coverage by offering LTE broadband data services all over the world.

  • 3.What are the type of services available on Thuraya WE?

    • Standard IP up to 384 kbps on a shared mode or best effort basis.
    • Circuit switched Satellite voice calls.
    • SMS services on both Satellite and GSM modes.
  • 4.Does Thuraya WE offer streaming services?

    No, streaming is not supported by Thuraya WE.

  • 5.Does Thuraya WE offer circuit switched calls over LTE?

    No, CS voice is only available on the Satellite mode.

  • 6.Can I use VoIP on Thuraya WE?

    Yes, VoIP will be available through 3rd party applications.

  • 7.Is Thuraya WE a dual mode, dual SIM Hotspot?

    No, Thuraya WE has a single SIM slot with dual mode capability. Customers can opt either for an LTE SIM card and use LTE broadband services, or a Thuraya data SIM card to enjoy Satellite data services.

  • 8.Is roaming available on Thuraya WE?

    Yes, Thuraya WE offers the flexibility for customers to use either a Thuraya SIM card and roam with 152 Thuraya roaming partners around the globe, or a GSM SIM card and roam within Thuraya’s reliable satellite network without the need to change the SIM card.

  • 9.How can I switch between Satellite and GSM networks?

    Thuraya WE offers an easy to use interface, on both web and mobile app, that will enable customers to switch easily between networks at the click of a button. 

  • 10.What is the auto-network switching feature?

    Auto-network switching is a feature that sets the primary network based on the type of  SIM card used, and switches to the other network in case the primary network is unavailable.

  • 11.Can I turn auto-network switching off?

    Yes, manual switching is also available on Thuraya WE.

  • 12.What are the available interfaces to control and manage Thuraya WE?

    Customers can manage Thuraya WE terminal through a comprehensive user friendly interface developed for both web and mobile app. It is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. 

  • 13.What are the supported features on the mobile app?

    • Network selection
    • Antenna pointer assistance
    • Data usage
    • System alerts
    • Voice & SMS - Circuit switched
    • Application access to phone contacts
    • Settings
  • 14.What are the product features?

    • Standard IP of up to 384kbps (receive), 256kbps (send)
    • Dual mode- satellite & LTE
    • Single SIM
    • Interfaces: Wi-Fi, Power charge port
    • Wi-Fi: up to 10 users in 100 ft. Wi-Fi range
    • IP54
    • Operates from -20ºC to +55ºC
    • Dimensions: 230 x 197 x 24 mm
    • Weight: 1.0 Kg
    • iOS and Android mobile app
    • GNSS: GPS, Beidou & Glonass
    • Battery:
      • Standby time: GSM: 15 hrs, Sat: 6 hrs
      • Operating time: GSM: 9 hrs, Sat: 3 hrs
  • 15.What additional features does Thuraya WE have?

    • Usage reporting
    • Firewall
    • Mac filtering
    • API/AT command interface
    • DMZ
    • NET
    • Port forwarding
  • 16.Who are the target subscribers for Thuraya WE?

    Users who consistently move out of terrestrial coverage like travelers, remote users, adventurers and hobbyists, and also those looking for back-up connectivity.

  • 17.What does Thuraya WE package contain?

    • Thuraya WE Satellite & LTE Hotspot
    • Universal AC power adapter
    • SIM adapters
    • Arabic & English user guides
  • 18.Who is the manufacturer of Thuraya WE?

    Thuraya WE is manufactured by Beam Communications

  • 19.What airtime plans are available for Thuraya WE?

    There will be specific plans for Thuraya WE, please contact your Thuraya Account Manager or Thuraya Service Partner for more details.

  • 20.How much does the Thuraya WE cost?

    Please consult your Thuraya Account Manager or Thuraya Service Partner for the cost of the terminal