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  • Bamzahem Corporation

  • Telephone 00967 5 321674
  • Fax 00967 5 321673
  • Email info@bamzahem.com
  • Time Zone (GMT +3 h 0 m )
  • Beijing Joytom Group Co

  • Boeing Satellite Systems International Inc.

Land Data Bronze Land Voice Bronze
  • Thuraya Gold Partners

    Service Partners with the highest tier. Thuraya Gold Partners have proven special expertise in Thuraya products, services and the network. They have a 24-hour customer care line and rigid escalation processes for customer enquiries.

  • Thuraya Silver Partners

    Accredited Thuraya Silver Partners have proven to have a high level of customer service. They have to provide customer care support during usual office hours and need to have an escalation process for customer enquiries.

  • Thuraya Bronze Partners

    Approved by Thuraya to market Thuraya products and services.

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