Upgrading your Thuraya satellite phone or IP is easy. Use the links below to access the most recent firmware upgrade files, drivers, installation manuals and important technical bulletins.

Thuraya IP+ Upgrader

The latest Thuraya IP+ software version is Release

Release date: Feb 2017


Thuraya is pleased to announce the release of software version for the Thuraya IP+ terminal. This release improves the overall stability and user experience of the Thuraya IP+ terminals. This release is a recommended upgrade that includes new features (Port Forwarding, Relay Mode address transparency), enhancements and bug fixes.

Release Notes for (since

New Features/Enhancements:

Port forwarding and Relay Mode address transparency

The Port Forwarding feature like the one available in Thuraya Orion IP and IP Voyager is now available in the Thuraya IP+ terminal. The feature is configured using a new web page that is accessed from a new "Configure Port Forwarding" link on the Network Settings page.

Note that Port Forwarding is disabled during Relay Mode. In operation, when Relay Mode is enabled, the UT in effect bridges all traffic to a single host address, and that host performs routing operations, possibly including port forwarding.


In order to upgrade the IP+ firmware you must first connect to the Internet and follow the steps listed below:

  1. Connect your PC/Notebook to the Internet using Thuraya IP+ (satellite service), wired LAN, or dial up connection.
  2. Go to www.thuraya.com or use the Upgrade link on the Properties Page if connected to the Thuraya IP+.
  3. Go to the web site area for Thuraya IP+ upgrades http://www.thuraya.com/product_upgrades.
  4. To download, select the latest upgrade package. The browser proceeds to retrieve the package.
  5. Once the package is downloaded, you are prompted to execute the package. Select ‘Yes’ and the upgrader application will self-extract onto the PC’s hard drive.
  6. Once the package is installed, it puts a shortcut on the desktop and prompts you to upgrade now. Make sure the Thuraya IP+ is connected to the PC via Ethernet and is powered up. Select the upgrade option on the PC, and the program will allow you to upgrade the terminal.
  7. The upgrader will query the current software version of the terminal. You should choose whether you want to upgrade to the newer version of software.
  8. If you choose to upgrade the terminal, the process automatically downloads the new release of software and forces a terminal reboot.
  9. When the terminal returns from reboot, you can verify that the download was successful via the Properties page in the wMMI or by confirming the new release on the upgrader.
  10. Once loaded onto a PC, the upgrade program can be used to upgrade any number of Thuraya IP+ terminals. Just connect them one at a time and execute the upgrade program.

 Download Release Notes

 Download Installation Guide

 Download Thuraya IP+ Upgrader Version

Important Note: You need to have the  firmware version in order to upgrade to If you have an older version, then upgrade your IP+ terminal to first and then upgrade to

Download Release Notes (Release date: September 2016)

Download Installation Guide

Download Thuraya IP+ Upgrader Version 

Important Note: You need to have the  firmware version in order to upgrade to If you have an older version, then upgrade your IP+ terminal to first and then upgrade to To download, please click here