Thuraya IP

  • Size A5
  • Weight 1.3kg
  • Connectivity

Available for the following sectors

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Compact and light weight +

Thuraya IP is the size of a standard A5-sized sheet of paper and weighs only 1.3kg, making it the smallest and most portable satellite broadband IP modem available.

Fast and reliable connectivity +

Thuraya IP provides standard background IP services of up to 444 kbps or dedicated streaming IP bandwidth ranging from 16 kbps to 384 kbps, depending on your quality of service requirements. Perfect for bandwidth-hungry applications, including video streaming, video conferencing and downloading/uploading large files.

User-friendly connectivity +

Thuraya IP is easily configured via a standard web browser and is extremely easy to use. Simply connect it to your PC via Ethernet cable or wirelessly and you are ready to access the Internet allowing you to check email, use Social Media applications, Skype and other communication tools. There’s no need to install any special software to use Thuraya IP.

Cost-effective bandwidth usage +

Thuraya IP is the only terminal in the industry that provides asymmetric streaming capabilities, allowing you to vary the upload/download speeds to precisely match your usage needs, significantly reducing bandwidth costs.

Congestion-free network for reliability data transfers +

When using Thuraya IP, our satellite network’s dynamic resource allocation minimizes signal congestion in areas where there is a high volume of communications traffic – such as disaster, conflict, or humanitarian relief zones.

Extremely durable with dust and water resistance +

Venture into any location with the toughest mobile satellite broadband IP terminal in its class. Built to IP55 standards to protect against dust and water, Thuraya IP keeps you connected even in the harshest environments.

The world’s smallest, most durable satellite broadband terminal.

Delivering industry-leading IP streaming speeds of up to 384 kbps and shared speeds of up to 444 kbps, the Thuraya IP provides the reliable and portable connectivity you need. With an area no bigger than an A5 sheet of paper, the Thuraya IP goes wherever you need to, giving you instant connectivity for all your applications, including email, Internet access, VOIP calls, and more.





Car Charger

Charge your Thuraya IP terminal using standard 12V car cigarette lighter socket.


Travel Charger

Charge your Thuraya IP terminal using a compact device that links to a mains socket.


Spacecom Vehicular Antenna

Maintain reliable satellite connectivity whilst travelling in your car.


SCAN Active Antenna

Enhance the performance of Standard IP and Streaming IP, especially for streaming videos on the field.


Universal Travel Adapter

Connect your Thuraya IP terminal to mains sockets across different regions.


Battery Pack

Gain up to 36 hours of standby time and one hour of continuous usage at the highest electricity consumption rate.


Cobham Fixed Antenna

This is ideal for customers who want to use Thuraya IP indoors. Read more


Cobham Portable Antenna

This facilitates the Thuraya IP terminal to achieve higher data rates as well as enhancing the performance of Standard and Streaming IP. Read more

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