Thuraya Talk

One Number. One Network. One Identity.




Thuraya Talk is a VoIP app that brings you closer to your loved ones when they are far away, in another country or even beyond the reach of regular terrestrial telecom networks.

Thuraya makes it easy and within your means to share experiences with anyone across the globe. We keep you connected through the internet. You can operate Thuraya Talk anywhere in the world on Wi-Fi, mobile or satellite data. It is ideal for users who rely on landlines or mobile phones to call Thuraya numbers, or just simply want to make international calls with great quality and at low prices.


How does it work?

Download Thuraya Talk from the App Store or Google Play. By going through an easy and immediate registration process, the prepaid account is ready within minutes. Start calling or send and receive messages.

Thuraya Talk is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. It can be used on both smartphones and tablets.

Thuraya Talk syncs with your smartphone address book so that you can access all your contacts on the app. Service is quick and very straightforward.




What can you do with it?






Calls to Thuraya
satellite phones
Call any Thuraya number,
save up to 60%*. 
Calls to mobiles & landlines
Call any mobile or landline
number worldwide at much 
higher quality than other
popular calling apps.
Group calls
Thuraya Talk to
Thuraya Talk calls 
Free calls to
Thuraya Customer Care
Dial 100 from the app.
Send SMS to other 
Thuraya Talk users
Send SMS to other mobile or
Thuraya satellite phones 
If you are too busy to talk,
Thuraya Talk records
messages for you.
You may retrieve them
later at a convenient time. 
Multimedia messages 
Exchange files, photos or
video clips with other
Thuraya Talk users. 

Recharge from your Apple
or Google Account

Through Thuraya Talk’s
in-app purchase.











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Calling Rates
Terms & Conditions

Call Thuraya Customer Care: Dial 100 from the app. (Calls are free)